Anthony Parker  - Celebrity Fitness Trainer 

Anthony Parker is a former NFL player, celebrity fitness trainer and fitness expert, and nutritional coach. While he has an outstanding track record of accomplishments and rare status as an athlete, what he has achieved off the field in life – both for himself and for others – is equally impressive and extraordinary.

While one of the top-ranked college football players in the nation, Parker simultaneously excelled as a 3-time Big Sky Track and Field Champion and a 2-time Academic Honor Team member – while earning a black belt in Taekwondo and a BS in Business Management and Technical Sales.

Then he catapulted to the next level as an NFL pro. Legendary Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh drafted him in the 4th round for the 5-time Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers, who awarded him a lucrative 5-year contract. Parker also received a 5-year endorsement from Nike, Inc. and his team went on to win a coveted NFC West Division Championship.

But perhaps Parker’s biggest triumph had been reached years earlier, long before he ever imagined an illustrious NFL career. As a youngster he struggled with brave determination in order to overcome difficult childhood circumstances. He witnessed firsthand how the harsh realities of life could destroy the dreams of many kids before they ever had a chance to blossom. He watched his devoted and loving mother work two or three jobs at a time just to make ends meet and provide for her children, and he was inspired by her example and dedication. She taught Parker to continue to climb and persevere even when hope was slim, encouraging him to find a way to continually help the lives of others in need.

Parker took her advice to heart, and by the time he had graduated from high school he had already accomplished more than most people will in their entire lifetime. Just to earn a path to college and a shot at bettering himself was a remarkable success against the odds, and one of Parker’s sweetest victories.

Then, after being forced into early retirement from the NFL due to repeated injuries, Parker found himself once again turning to the wisdom of his mother for personal strength and guidance. Sidelined and deprived of the career that was his passion in life, Parker became despondent and lost his enthusiasm. He no longer had the healthy, spirited camaraderie of his teammates and coaches to support him, and soon he gained 30 pounds of unwanted weight. The real thing weighing him down, however, was the psychological and emotional impact of an abrupt and extremely difficult life change.

That’s when he did as his mother has suggested when he was a child, and starting thinking instead about the well being of others. Parker applied the relentless determination, unstoppable work ethic, and winning dedication that he had cultivated as an athlete to create an innovative fitness program. His approach not only addresses physical well being but also provides critical mindset training that empowers his clients to discover and express their true greatness.

Today Anthony is regarded as one of the best celebrity fitness trainers around, fueled by his motivation, unique unconventional fitness training styles, delivers life-changing positive results for people of all ages and from all walks of life. His clients include top athletes, celebrities, and business professionals. – and Parker is also in high demand as a dynamic motivational speaker.

Be prepared to reach for greatness – Anthony Parker

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